What I want to share


Left brain: Logical, analytical, objective

Chef: A cook

Left brain chef:  A logical, analytical and objective cook.

That’s me.  I have found an organized approach to cooking.  I have realized that cooking well and eating often comes down to one thing…planning.  I spend countless hours every week finding recipes, making lists and doing research to make sure I have fresh, homemade meals on hand all week long.

I want to share this approach with you to prove that having a busy life does not mean sacrificing taste, health and a home-cooked meal.  With all this planning, I am able to cook less and eat more.

Now I want my planning to benefit you.  You can follow along every week to see what I’m cooking.  I will share my recipes, tips and grocery lists.  You can cook right along with me and make any alterations that you like.  But, if you follow my guidance, you will be able to eliminate processed, pre-made foods from your diet and get back to the joy of cooking.

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